We guarantee advantageous collaboration conditions that allow you to gain access to top-class factories engaged in OEM production for renowned brands such as DAIKIN, HAER, RUGER, and others. With our extensive supplier database specializing in various types of goods, we can meet your needs for any type of product and ensure direct interaction with the factory, eliminating intermediaries and third parties.

“With over 10 years of experience and the ability to negotiate effectively with Chinese partners, we achieve the most favorable conditions for our clients without compromising product quality.”

Mikhail Sannikov

Director and Founder


We have an extensive supplier base specializing in OEM production for well-known manufacturers.


We strive to achieve the best conditions with our suppliers to ensure highly advantageous deals for you.


With experience in various industries, including pharmacology, construction, and metallurgy, we are ready to fulfill all customer requests.


We provide all necessary services tailored to your needs to ensure the best solution and optimal results.

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We will involve the necessary specialists and implement your turnkey project

We will provide you with all the necessary services and fully carry out your project “turnkey.” You won’t have to learn Chinese since we will provide you with a professional translator who can provide simultaneous translation during the call with the Chinese supplier. Additionally, we will ensure complete legal support for the transaction with the Chinese party and prepare all necessary documents for the proper shipment handling.

Advantages of working with Vezemo:

Eliminating intermediaries and traders

We remove unnecessary links from the chain by connecting you directly with key representatives of the manufacturers

Working with any requests

We have experience in delivering various types of goods: pharmaceuticals, military, construction, metallurgy, food industry

Assistance in creating technical specifications

We will consult you on preparing the technical specification, including complex types of equipment such as production lines and pharmaceutical raw materials

Full control and verification of all stages

We check all the necessary documents, the quality of the goods, and the factory, ensuring reliability and transparency of the transaction

Some of Our Cases

“Perfect knowledge of the Chinese language and a deep understanding of the mentality allow achieving the most advantageous conditions in negotiations.”

Our work algorithm:


Request discussion

Determining the main parameters and requirements of the customer for sourcing goods in China.


Поиск предложений

Поиск 5-6 наиболее подходящих поставщиков, соответствующих запросу заказчика на китайском рынке.


Searching for offers

Searching for 5-6 most suitable suppliers that match the customer’s request in the Chinese market.


Communication with suppliers

Establishing contact with selected suppliers and conducting factory audits to assess their capabilities.


Sample ordering

Ordering product samples from selected suppliers to evaluate and check their quality before placing the main order.


Contract signing and payment

Signing a contract with the supplier and making payments according to the terms of the deal.


Documentation preparation for logistics

Preparing necessary documents such as the contract, invoice, certificate of origin, export declaration, to facilitate logistics procedures.


Product quality inspection

Checking the quality of goods before shipment, including inspection, packaging, labeling, and compliance with samples and specifications.


Product delivery

Organizing and controlling all stages of product delivery, including choosing the optimal delivery methods, customs clearance, and optimizing cost and delivery time.

Among our clients:

Rent manufacturing capacities at factories chosen by global leaders:

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